Hello world!


I am Susie Lambert – a Professional Photographer, welcome to my blog.

Please go ahead and leave me a comment below. It will make my day to see that people are actually looking at my new blog site!

21 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Now the images are all mine and I will be updating them as I get permission from my lovely clients to be able to publish photographs from their photo shoots online.

  2. 5.30am???? I can’t string 2 words together at that time in the morning (especially after the night before!) so I am more than impressed reading your blog!

    Looking forward to seeing more photos, and it was lovely to catch up with you last night. See you on the 8th xxx

    • I know, who kept topping up my glass? Remind me to ask for a smaller glass next time. (Obviously it had nothing to do with me insisting that we really should get another bottle of wine – the fourth one, I think! Still, it is not like we get a chance to catch up all that often, and that was between 12 of us.) Good luck with the new job. I expect to hear all about it on the 8th. xx

  3. “No one will ever read this, they are all too busy on Facebook.” Not me, my dear! Also, you said you would count visitors by comments but comments were closed. Silly girl.

    Don’t worry, WordPress is easy and you will get the hang of blogging in no time. Don’t over-think it—just let the words flow and be yourself. People love a glimpse into the life & thoughts of the person behind the business (I do, at least) so this is a brilliant move. Branding will come when it comes and no one will care that it wasn’t all figured out before you had a web presence.

    I’m so happy for you! Best of luck in your venture, Susie. I know you will be continue to be great, as you settle for nothing short of that.

    • Hello Sweetie, it is great to hear from you all the way across the Pond. Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me, which I didn’t spot until I read your comment, So much to learn, so little time and a rapidly aging brain means I am now slowly becoming a technophobe. (And to think that I used to work with IT to design complicated IT systems!!!) I’ll have to borrow a 14 year to show me how all of this works. How humiliating. I am turning into aged grandparent already! I expect to be complaining about the state of the pop music today and how much better it used to be in my time when you could actually understand all the words that were being sung, from any day now.

  4. What a lovely site, Suz! Great photos and narratives. I look forward to keeping up with your entries. Best wishes for continued success, you will do great, I’m certain. Blogs are always fun and they can be as short or as long as you wish, which is what’s so great about them! Take care and God bless you and your family.

    • Hello Carol!
      Big hugs to you. I’ll try to ascertain how long the average blog should be, and keep it short and sweet. (You know how slowly I type and how quickly I speak.) I’ll even try to get some shots of the Terrible Two up for you to see. They are getting big now, well Toby is, as he eats so much.
      Take care of yourself!

    • Hello Deb,
      I suspect that I will be spending more time on here and then I plan to work on my Facebook presence. I currently have 2 different FB pages and am not active on either. At least here you will be able to see my work. (P.S. The crushed can/chair business idea is currently on hold!!)

  5. Hi Susie.
    Thanks for giving us a namecheck! This may be the first time that we have featured on a commercial website, and your starting blog was a great opener. It gives you endless possibilities on which to comment on in later days/ weeks. Perhaps a project to digitise your old negatives or colour photographs? Maybe time-lapse photography of slugs in the garden?
    Anyway, best wishes on the website and yes, it looks fine on the iPad.
    All the best,

    • David, you have read my mind! I have already been planning to digitalise and publish some of my old black and white images (which I am still ridiculously proud of), plus if I get the time, some of my old childhood images – of me and taken by me – which should be worth a laugh at least.

      As for the slugs…..slugs? In our garden?! The frogs and toads eat them. I am hoping that the slugs haven’t yet invaded our new vegetable patch at the allotment, but I have been too busy to get up there for the last month. (Don’t panic gardeners, my husband has been watering, weeding, sowing and harvesting in my absence.) Although I could photograph the beautifully coloured slugs that I find on the path whilst walking the digs across the fields. Not too sure how many people would want to see that on a blog post though?!!! I’ll have a think about it and see what I can come up with.

    • Hey Jo! I really do miss working with you. I’ll be in touch soon so we can catch up on each others news. Let me know when I can pop over to Colorado to get some shots of your gorgeous daughter, skiing!
      I’ll start saving now…. I expect there will be a little shopping trip involved somewhere. There normally is and I could do with updating my wardrobe. I always have such a great time shopping with you. Good job we live so far apart, my credit card would go into meltdown!

    • Couldn’t have done it without your support, Debbie. We will have to find some time in the diary to get some gorgeous shots of Penny and the kids soon!

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